Nissan Leaf underwent minor updates

EV market share in Japan to be 10% by 2020, says Nissan SVP Hoshino

Asako Hoshino, Nissan Motor Company Senior Vice President and Japan Sales Division in-charge explained their plans for strengthening their division on October 20 at the press conference in Yokohama Nissan Global Headquarters.

Senior Vice President Hoshino revealed, “We will focus on two aspects on the product technology trend: The development of electric-type technology and further research (about auto driving technology).” She also added their plans of strengthening the Nissan brand and business expansion.

As for the electric technology, she pointed out the expansion of electric vehicles (EV), which is leading worldwide, and hybrid vehicles (HV), which corresponds to a technology only for Nissan. Nissan will strengthen the product appeal for the Leaf EV and will launch this model from Japan in December.

Its battery was expanded by 25% from 24kwh to 30kwh to improve its efficiency, and its cruising range was also extended by 23% from 228km to 280km (in Nissan’s measurement). Through these supporting plans, Senior Vice President Hoshino declared, “We want EVs to have 10% of market share in 2020.” The percentage remains the same for now.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)