Denso's cosmetic product Moina that was made from algae

2015 CEATEC: Denso’s cosmetic product made of algae becoming very popular in Denso stores

Did you know that there’s a certain product in Denso that is becoming popular with their female employees nowadays? It is a cosmetic product, and you can buy it for the affordable price of 1,400 yen each; they are selling like hotcakes in Denso stores.

A staff member from Denso said, “As a part of our company’s environmental countermeasures, we have been conducting research and development for a biofuel made of algae. However, it is necessary to get a sufficient amount of algae in order to create that fuel, so it seems that it would be quite difficult to gain profit from it. Nevertheless, the oil from an algae has a high level of moisturizing; thus, we created a hand cream out of it.”

The hand cream is called Moina, and five female staff from Denso were all in charge of the development of that product. They started selling this product in Denso stores at the end of 2014. How effective is it? “My hands were moisturized when I applied it on them. It doesn’t differ from other high class beauty products.” They received that kind of evaluation and the like, and it seemed there were also times when the female employees fought over it. Then, they sold 15,000 pieces of that hand cream in three months.

Many Denso staff were very surprised about it so they added 50,000 more pieces. They have already restarted selling of this product in autumn. At the same time, they are selling this product in the Internet, and it is going very well. This cosmetic product might make Denso grow more with its new business.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)