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Honda N-BOX tops mini car sales for first time in two years; 2015 first-half ranking

The Japan Light Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Association has announced its sales ranking of new mini cars for the first half of fiscal 2015 (April to September). According to these results, the Honda N-BOX finished on top for the first time in two years with 77,211 units (down 0.8% year on year).

With a difference of 10,585 units, the runner-up was last year’s bestseller, the Daihatsu Tanto with 66,626 units (down 38.8% from the previous year). Rounding out the top 3 was the Nissan Dayz with 62,306 units (down 21.6%).

Though none of its models made the top 3, Suzuki had four vehicles, the Wagon R, Alto, Hustler, and the Spacia rank within the top 10, which was the most of any brand.

The top 10 sales ranking of mini cars for the first half of 2015 are as follows. (difference from previous year in brackets). All models fell below its results from the year before.

1st: N-BOX (Honda) 77,211 units(down 0.8%)
2nd: Tanto (Daihatsu) 66,626 units(down 38.8%)
3rd: Dayz (Nissan) 62,306 units(down 21.6%)
4th: Move (Daihatsu) 52,645 units(down 7.5%)
5th: Wagon R (Suzuki) 51,990 units(down 30.8%)
6th: Alto (Suzuki) 51,930 units(down 5.6%)
7th: Hustler (Suzuki) 46,522 units(down 20.1%)
8th: Mira (Daihatsu) 43,131 units(down 24.6%)
9th: N-WGN (Honda) 37,151 units(down 37.3%)
10th: Spacia (Suzuki) 36,595 units(down 31.8%)

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)