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American Honda issues recall for 140,000 US Civics and Fits over CVT issues

On October 1, American Honda issued a recall for some Civics and Fits sold in the US over the past year or so.

The cause of the recall is a defect in the CVT system. According to American Honda, under certain driving conditions, the CVT’s drive pulley shaft may be put under a heavy burden, potentially causing damage to the shaft.

Damage to the shaft could make it impossible for the vehicle to accelerate and raises the risk of accident. At present, American Honda says there have been no reports of accidents or injuries due to the problem.

The recall applies to a total of 143,000 2014-2015 Civics and 2015 Fits that were sold in the US.

American Honda is contacting customers with affected vehicles. The company plans to update the CVT software at its dealerships.

(Translated by Greg Scott)