Daihatsu Copen dress-up parts

Daihatsu Copen commences selling of dress-up parts, full set costs 342,360 yen

Daihatsu started selling dress-up parts for the kei open sports car, Copen.

The dress-up parts are released in three sets: the full set, in which all panels can be interchanged between the Copen Robe and the Copen Cero; the front set, in which you can only interchange its front parts; and the rear set, that allows you to change its rear parts.

The original price of the full set is 374,760 yen, while the front and rear sets cost 206,280 yen each. Furthermore, these sets have a special price for one year beginning its release date. You can buy the full set for 342,360 yen, and its front and rear sets for 190,080 yen each.

Aside from that, as a special color of the dress-up parts, it is set with Liquid Silver Metallic, an exclusive color for the Copen Robe. It is, however, only applicable to those who purchased the existing Copen Cero that was not set with this panel color and dress-up parts.

Moreover, the dress-up parts for the Copen X-Play by D-SPORT will be released beginning October 1. The street-type product model displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon has been refined. Also, you can purchase these parts in Daihatsu dealers nationwide through the website the Dress Cloud Connect managed by SPK.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)