Denso iArmS

2015 Good Design: Denso’s iArmS assistance robot makes it into Best 100

Denso announced that it won 4 awards at this year’s Good Design Awards and that of those, its iArmS ergogenic device made it into Good Design’s Best 100.

iArmS is a technical support robot that abates the natural shaking and fatigue on a human arm during surgery. Doctors can use it to hold their arms in place during surgical procedures. The device naturally follows the doctor’s arm’s position. The device earned great praise at Good Design due to its excellent design and ability to reduce doctor errors.

In addition to iArmS, the other Denso products chosen by Good Design include Engine ECU/Abilcore, the automated meters for the Lexus RX developed with Toyota, and the Sangaku Kyodo Project developed with Nagoya University.

Since winning its first Good Design Award in 1976 with a simple wireless device, it has won a total of 125 awards. It has won in each of the 24 years since 1992.

(Translated by Greg Scott)