Mutsuraboshi no Meishaten (Six Star Car Exhibition)

Photo Feature: Subaru’s 60-year history on display at ‘Mutsuraboshi no Meishaten’

From September 17 to October 20, the ‘Mutsuraboshi no Meishaten’ (Six Star Car Exhibition) is being held at the showroom of Fuji Heavy Industries headquarters to showcase Subaru’s vehicles from different generations.

The event exhibits the changes Fuji Heavy Industries has undergone throughout the last 60 plus years. Renowned vehicles of the past, production models of the present, and prototypes for the future are being showcased along with its catalogues.

Here are 40 photos of Subaru’s most illustrious vehicles including the Subaru 360, their first mini car, the Subaru 1000, its first model to feature a horizontally opposed engine, the Leone, their first 4WD passenger car in Japan, and the Legacy, which led the popularization of station wagons.

â—†Showcased vehicles
・Subaru 360 Super Deluxe
・Subaru 360 Custom
・Subaru ff-1 1300 G Sport Sedan
・Leone 4WD Touring Wagon
・2nd-generation Legacy Touring Wagon
・Advanced Tourer Concept (concept model)
・Subaru Viziv 2 Concept(concept model)

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)