Toyota RAV4

Toyota recalls 420,000 units of the RAV4 in the USA for faulty wiper

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. (TMS) announced on September 17 that it will recall the RAV4 and the RAV4 EV (recovery and repair are free of charge).

The reason for this recall is due to faulty wiper. According to TMS, the wipers could become inoperable because of the corrosion and wear and tear in the wiper link joints.

If the wipers are rendered inoperable while driving, this could reduce driver visibility and increase the risk of a crash.

This recall covers 423,500 units that sold in the United States: 421,000 units of the RAV4 (gasoline model) from model years 2009 to 2012; and 2,500 units of the RAV4 EV from model years 2012 to 2014.

TMS will contact the customers affected by this recall. Toyota dealers will replace the wiper link and motor crank arm.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)