Autozam AZ-1 (The Miyoshi Proving Ground 50th Anniversary Mazda Fan Meeting held on September 20 at Miyoshi, Hiroshima)

Photo Feature: Mazda Fan Meeting – Cosmo Sport, Savanna RX-7, AZ-1 and the Eunos Cosmo

On September 20, The Miyoshi Proving Ground 50th Anniversary Mazda Fan Meeting was held at Miyoshi, Hiroshima featuring a collection of historic vehicles including the Cosmo Sport, Savanna RX-7, AZ-1, and the Eunos Cosmo. Let’s take a look at 68 images of these intense looking classics.

The Cosmo Sport (1967~1972), the first production car in the world to feature a rotary engine (10A-type), was taken out for its first official test run at Miyoshi. Eleven years after the debut of the Cosmo Sport, Mazda established its 12A rotary engine (2 rotor) equipped Savanna RX-7 (SA22C model; 1978~1985).

Following the 1960s Cosmo Sport and the 1970s Savanna RX-7, Mazda launched its Autozam AZ-1 mini sports car (1992~1995) and the Eunos Cosmo 2-door coupe (1990~1996), the first domestically produced Eunos with a 20B-type 3 rotor engine, in the 1990s.

The power and exquisite design of these vehicles featuring maximum outputs of 230ps and 280ps on the 2-rotor (13B) and 3-rotor 20B Eunos Cosmo models as well as the mid-engined AZ-1 personalized with gull wing doors and a Suzuki engine, garnered tons of attention on this day.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)