Mazda CX-5 Patrol Car

Mazda Fan Meeting: CX-5 patrol car on display to celebrate 50th anniversary of Miyoshi Proving Ground

On September 20, Mazda Motor Corporation held its Mazda Fan Meeting to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their Miyoshi Proving Ground in Hiroshima. Mazda cars from different generations filled the venue and provided excitement for those in attendance.

A short distance away from these vehicles was a large crowd of people who witnessed the Mazda CX-5 Patrol Car.

This special CX-5 is one of the two police cars provided by Mazda to the Hiroshima Prefectural Police Department’s highway traffic squad. It comes equipped with a giant electric noticeboard on the roof.

Hiroshima’s highway traffic team is highly pleased with the performance of these CX-5 police cars. According to the squad, “They can be driven on highways and hills without any issues at all and its four-wheel drive offers outstanding performance especially on snowy conditions. These cars are great for all four seasons.”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)