Honda commences production at their Marysville plant in Ohio, USA in November 1982

Honda’s North American production reaches 30-million mark after 33 years

On September 15, Honda Motor Company announced that its total automobile production has reached the 30-million mark in North America.

This milestone was achieved 33 years after Honda commenced its North American production on November 1, 1982 at their Marysville plant in Ohio.

Currently, Honda is operating eight plants in the US as well as in Canada and Mexico. In 2014, over 97% of new vehicles sold in the US were produced locally in North America.

Moreover, Honda was the first Japanese automaker to produce vehicles in the US as well as in North America. In 2016, Honda is scheduled to begin production of the all-new NSX at their Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville.

Honda North America’s President Takuji Yamada said, “We were able to reach this milestone thanks to the continued support of our customers. This is an outstanding achievement for Team Honda.”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)