Nissan X-Trail Hybrid

Recall: Nissan recalls X-Trail Hybrid over battery and CVT defects

On September 10, Nissan issued a recall with Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the X-Trail Hybrid over defects in the lithium-ion battery and CVT computer.

The recall applies to 9,759 cars that were built from April 20 to August 18, 2015. It applies to one hybrid model.

Due to errors made during inspection of the harness that connects the battery controller for the lithium ion battery, some have a widened gap in the part where it connects. As the vehicle is operated, there’s a risk that vibrations and so forth could cause the engine or motor to stop and the vehicle to become inoperable.

The lithium-ion batteries are being replaced for all affected vehicles.

The problem with the CVT computer has to do with the warning light. When the car decelerates, switches to EV mode and drives in low gear, it could misjudge an abnormality between the motor and CVT and trigger the warning light when there is no problem and, as a result, stopping the motor.

The CVT computers for all affected cars are being repaired.

There have been four incidents involving the defect but no accidents reported. Reports of the defect came from the market.

(Translated by Greg Scott)