Toyota Motor Headquarters (reference image)

Toyota gathers theme for collaborative research & supports young researchers

Toyota gathers research themes based on the technological needs that Toyota is considering, from researchers who conduct research on advanced science and technology. Accepting of themes for the 15th Toyota Advanced Science and Technology Open Research Application commenced on September 7.

For the open research theme application, Toyota is opening seeking applications from university and research institute researchers who can present a creative and exploratory research theme based on the technological needs that Toyota is currently considering.

Specifically, they will be accepting research themes that are related to these three areas of technological needs: highly functional materials or analysis technology, semiconductors, and human characteristics. Toyota will be selecting through application and interview screenings, and the chosen researchers will have a contract with Toyota and pursue the research.

The research period will start in 2016 and it will be two years long. A total of 10 research topics will be selected, and a research fund of a maximum of 10 million yen will be granted to each research endeavor.

Together with strengthening their research foundation, Toyota will nurture the young researchers as seeds in promoting research activities and technological advancements, thereby contributing to the society.

The deadline for research applications will be on October 30.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)