Daiya Industry "Darwing" for marathon

2015 Tokyo International Gift Show: Daiya Industry develops underwear to support muscle movements, also considers developing for motorcycle riders

Daiya Industry Co., Ltd. (headquarters in Okayama), which conducts the manufacturing and selling of medical equipment such as supporters and corsets, has exhibited a unique underwear product in the 2015 Tokyo International Gift Show. The name of the product is the Darwing, and it supports the movement of muscles in the entire body.

This was developed with the cooperation of Okayama University and it has been recognized by various fields as of now. They were already supported by Takenaka Corporation, a super general contractor, and together they developed the Shokunin Darwing underwear for construction sites. It was developed through scientifically analyzing the muscle movements of people working in various construction sites through repeated testings.

Recently, they also developed underwear for marathons. “Running form is an important part of marathons, and it supports that form for a longer time so you won’t easily get tired when using it. Moreover, through the supporter, you can easily breathe as it expands your chest area,” said the in-charge person from Daiya Industry; the made-to-order type of ordering process for this product is currently increasing.

In addition to that, there are also many cyclers, boat racers, and jockeys who use this kind of product, and many people also have positive comments about it. Because of that, the staff of Daiya are also considering the demands for other sports like skiing, mountain climbing, and motorcycle riding. Aside from that, the staff from Daiya said, “We also gathered references from many people through this exhibition,” as they expect many things from this product with their consideration in expanding to the nursing field.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)