Honda HR-V (the Vezel, in Japan)

Honda recalls new HR-V for incorrect labels

On August 20, American Honda announced that it will conduct a recall on their 2016 HR-V (the Vezel, in Japan).

This recall is due to incorrect labels attached on the new compact SUV. According to American Honda, there could be a mistake with the tire and emissions labels.

For instance, the tire label may contain incorrect data for the designated air pressure. It could lead to an accident if drivers were to adjust the air pressure according to the mistaken information.

This recall applies to 11,972 units of the 2016 model sold in the US. Honda will inspect the vehicles at its dealerships and replace the labels if necessary.

American Honda said, “There have been no reports of any accidents or casualties as a result of this defect as of this time.”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)