First Toyota Mirai that landed in Europe

First Toyota Mirai lands in Europe, to be sold first in the UK and Germany

The Mirai is the production version of Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle. The mass-produced version of the Mirai has now reached Europe.

Toyota UK announced on August 11: “The first Mirai for Europe has arrived at the Import Center of Bristol Harbour on August 8.”

Toyota is scheduled to sell the Mirai to some countries in Europe this September. It will be available first in the UK, Germany, and Denmark. This is because these three countries already have hydrogen stations.

Toyota plans to introduce several units of the Mirai to the UK market this 2015. These units will primarily be delivered to businesses and government agencies.

The Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Europe commented: “This marks the debut of a new age for clean mobility – a turning point in the history of automobiles.”

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)