Mazda MX-5 papercraft

Mazda offers papercraft data for new MX-5 on its official site

Mazda is offering papercraft data on its blog for six models for kids that will make up the next generation to experience the joy of crafts.

Mazda says, “We want to communicate the excitement of crafts to kids who will make up the next generation.” Initially, it created a papercraft kit for the new MX-5 and gave it away as a present to kids who came to Kids Engineer 2015 and Sustainable “Zoom-Zoom” Forum 2015 in Yokohama. The kit received a great response.

In response to feedback saying the kids wanted more models, it’s now offering six new models on its website, the Axela, Demio, CX-3, MX-5, Atenza and CX-5. The site has paper craft data in PDF form.

Mazda is also offering a paper craft set for the Mazda MX-5 and CX-3 with the Thompson die-cutting process for those who want something more realistic. This is being given away to ten people chosen through a lottery. Details can be found on Mazda’s official site.

(Translated by Greg Scott)