Isuzu Managing Executive Officer Makoto Kawahara

Isuzu’s Kawahara says domestic truck sales holding steadier than expected

At an August 4 financial meeting in Tokyo, Isuzu Managing Executive Officer Makoto Kawahara said of the company’s domestic truck sales, “We’re seeing much better results than we predicted at the beginning of the period.”

He said, “Last year we saw rising demand for our regular trucks for construction use and that’s having an effect. This year, we’re seeing alternative demand for cargo trucks, which we saw emergency demand for ten years ago. This year, cargo trucks are a major player in overall demand.”

“This is the result of Abenomics,” he said. “Shipping expenses are going up and low crude oil prices are keeping fuel costs low, which are factors driving cargo truck sales. Compact trucks are doing well too, so things are looking somewhat better than our initial plan for advanced orders and real sales.”

As for moving forward, he said, “The emergency demand for cargo trucks ten years ago lasted three to four years. With the plan to strengthen Japan and the coming Tokyo Olympics, it may be wishful thinking to say this, but sales look like they’ll stay strong until 2020.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)