Nissan's Corporate Vice President, Joji Tagawa

Nissan’s operating profit surges 58% to 193.7 billion yen in first quarter

On July 29, Nissan Motor Company announced its first quarter (April to June) financial results for FY2015. According to these results, operating profit increased significantly by 58.0% year on year to 193.7 billion yen due to strong sales in North America and Europe. This was the second straight year of increase for its first quarter period.

Global sales for the three-month period totaled 1,294,000 vehicles, up 4% from the year before. Although domestic sales dropped 10% to 120,000 units due to a sluggish market, sales remained strong in the US jumping 5.5% to a record-high of 369,000 units for the first quarter. Net income grew 36% from the previous year to 152.8 billion yen.

Nissan maintained its 675.0 billion yen (up 14.5% yoy) of operating income as well as other forecasts of its consolidated operating results for FY2015. Corporate Vice President, Joji Tagawa said, “Although the global economy is erratic, we achieved strong financial results for this quarter. We’re making steady progress toward our targets for the mid-term plan (by FY2016).”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)