Hino Ranger

Cargo group is pulling us up, says Senior Managing Director Kajikawa of Hino, regarding favorable domestic truck sales

Senior Managing Director Hiroshi Kajikawa of Hino Motors pointed out on their financial report, “Even though construction group (of dump trucks) is somewhat weak as of the moment, our cargo group is pulling us up in the market,” regarding the continuous good shape of the domestic truck market.

According to the summary of Hino, the domestic truck and bus market in April to June has increased 16% to 39,500 trucks compared to the corresponding period a year ago, and it greatly increased, which is in contrast with the declining auto market. Senior Managing Director Kajikawa stated their analysis regarding the favorable cargo group, “The fuel cost is low because of the oil price depreciation so the investment demands of transportation business are increasing. The movement of goods is also in good shape, according to Abenomics.”

On the other hand, “The demand for huge tourist buses is also strong,” he said about the conditions like the increasing number of foreign tourists. The full-force Indonesia market of the same company is in stagnation in foreign countries, so they are currently relying on the domestic market.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)