2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (RVR)

Withdrawal of production doesn’t have any effect on the mid-term plan until FY 2016, says Mitsubishi President

President Tetsuro Aikawa of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation had a press conference in Tokyo on July 27. With regards to the effect of the withdrawl of producton in their USA factory (Illinois) in November 2015, he stated, “I believe that it does not have any huge impact on the mid-term plan until 2016.”

Currently, the USA factory has been producing only the Outlander Sport (RVR in Japan), including its exports, which resulted to 27,000 units from January to June of this year.
This will be replaced by the production in Japan from December of this year. The amount of exports that should’ve come from the United States to other regions will be shipped from Japan.

They will just transfer its production, so the effect on the sales of this model is regarded as not clear. Because of this, it can be observed that it does not effect the sales of the mid-term plan, which aims for 1.15 million units (5.5% up compared to the actual results in FY 2014) worldwide in FY 2016. Meanwhile, Aikawa pointed out regarding the process of the accounting associated with the selling or the closing down of the USA factory, he said, “Some kind of measure is required.” However, he added, “It has not yet been reflected” in the first quarter results (April to June).

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)