Mazda Be A Driver Experience At Roppongi

Mazda “Be A Driver Experience At Roppongi” event lets drivers meet developers

Mazda Be A Driver Experience At Roppongi was held for the first time on July 18 at Roppongi Hills Summer Festival Summer Station. Mazda Be A Driver Experience At Roppongi is an event based on the theme of “developers you can meet” where drivers can meet with Mazda new car developers.

For the event, Mazda brought a project general manager along with 4-5 other designers and developers from various divisions. The participants were chosen by lottery from 12 groups that had signed up through a special website for the event. Sign-up was open to Mazda owners and others alike. In total, there were only about 20 participants in the event. The designers and developers gave talks and answered questions from the participants. There were then 20-minute test drives with the Mazda developers and designers.

The event was the first time regular drivers could hear directly from the CX-3 development project manager and its design team.

One driver came with his daughter. He said, “I am a CX-3 owner from Shizuoka. It was incredible that I could meet face to face with developers I’d seen in magazines or somewhere. That’s why I applied.” Another participant said, “I plan to try something at an AMG dealer. I was thinking about switching to a CX-3, so I thought this would be a good opportunity and that’s why I’m here.”

For the talks, developers explained things such as the design behind the CX-3 and the points they stressed in developing the interior. They talked about the problems they faced in trying to create a comfortable space. One developer said, “For a week or so before it went on sale, we would sneak a camouflaged CX-5 to certain areas of the city late at night and drive around. Maybe it’s my age, but in the middle I’d find myself drifting off.” Since the number in attendance was small, there was free time for developers and drivers to engage in a little small talk as well.

The schedule for which development project manager will be in attendance at the event is as follows:

July 18-19 – CX-3
July 20-21 – MX-5
July 25-26 – CX-5
August 1-2 – Atenza
August 15-16 – Axela
August 22-23 – Demio

The event is held twice a day each day it’s running, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Mazda is still seeking participants for August 15, 16, 22 and 23. The cutoff date for signing up is July 27.

(Translated by Greg Scott)