TEIN President Hakaro Ichino

TEIN exhibits the “TEIN quality” from China to the world, says President Ichino at the opening ceremony

On July 8, TEIN, Inc. held the opening ceremony of the TEIN Shock Absorber Manufacturing (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., in Suqian Jiangsu, China.

People from the government of Suqian, Suzhou Park representatives, agencies from Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan, the media, and the suppliers attended the ceremony.

TEIN President Hakaro Ichino has participated in the Hong Kong Beijing Rally and in the Chinese Rally championship several times since 1993. Thus, he knows China well. In his opening remarks, he stated, “This will be our first overseas factory since the company’s establishment. With our manufacturing expertise, we want to give high quality products to our customers in various regions worldwide and in this country as well, which has also rapidly grown in the recent years, and achieve the TEIN quality for ourselves.”

Subsequently, Tomoko Takama, director of Takama Competition Product, gave a speech as a guest representative. “The aftermarket development in Japan is a thorough response to the customer’s “changing consciousness towards a vehicle,” such as preferring circuit and rally motorsports over simply owning a vehicle and wanting to improve the riding comfort of their own vehicles by changing the suspension. This is made possible by many manufacturers, including TEIN, that are working hard to create better products,” said Takama, as they celebrated the factory opening of TEIN.

Finally, City Mayor Fang Wen explained that Nichicon, the first Japanese company in Suqian built in 2011, has advanced further and has turned into an industrial park in 2014. Now, TEIN celebrated its factory opening and its being the second Japanese company established in the city. “Today, the charm of Suqian city and Suzhou-Suqian Industrial Park has been validated,” the city mayor stated.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)