Honda N-BOX

Honda N-BOX tops mini car sales with over 100,000 units in first half of 2015

The Japan Light Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Association announced the sales results of mini vehicles for the first half of 2015 (January to June). According to this report, the Honda N-BOX topped this list for the first time in two years with a 10.9% increase year on year to 106,985 units.

The runner-up was the Daihatsu Tanto with 87,602 units, despite a 25.4% decline from the previous year. It was a runaway victory for the N-BOX as it finished with a 19,383-unit gap on second-place Tanto. Rounding out the top 3 and nearly beating out the Tanto was the Nissan DAYZ, which recorded 87,404 units (down 11.5% yoy).

The top 10 sales ranking of mini cars for the first half of 2015 are as follows (difference from the previous year in brackets):

1st: N-BOX(Honda)106,985 units(up 10.9%)
2nd: Tanto(Daihatsu)87,602 units(down 25.4%)
3rd: DAYZ(Nissan)87,404 units(down 11.5%)
4th: Move(Daihatsu)74,566 units(down 9.3%)
5th: Alto(Suzuki)60,687 units(up 4.6%)
6th: Wagon R(Suzuki)57,857 units(down 38.3%)
7: N-WGN(Honda)56,236 units(down 35.7%)
8th: Hustler(Suzuki)55,047 units(up 36.6%)
9th: Mira(Daihatsu)52,013 units(down 34.4%)
10th: Spacia(Suzuki)45,169 units(down 32.3%)

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)