Honda's press conference to announce Takahiro Hachigo as their new president

Honda’s President Hachigo prioritizes quality over quantity

At a press conference held at their Tokyo headquarters on July 6, Honda’s President Takahiro Hachigo announced that he wants his company to focus most importantly on establishing products that offer Honda-like dreams for its customers, and not on their sales figures.

In 2012, former president, Takanobu Itoh declared that Honda is targeting 6 million units in global automobile sales for the 2016 fiscal year. These figures have already been lowered. President Hachigo stated that Honda’s priority is “quality over quantity”.

In regards to their 6 million units, he said, “I don’t think it was a target” and added “it would be a difficult number to achieve in 2016”. President Hachigo also explained, “Producing products that exemplify the Honda brand will lead to future growth. I want to place importance on the response from society and our company’s existing values.”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)