Toyota brand movie #Humanness

Toyota to release all-new Vitz brand movie promoting safety assurance

Toyota Marketing Japan will release the brand movie “#Humanness” on July 7, 2015 to promote their initiatives on safety assurance, together with the launching of the all-new Vitz equipped with Toyota Safety Sense C.

The brand movie exhibits scenes of possible events that can happen to people who are distracted by many other things in their daily lives. There are scenes of a baby bumping himself on the bed while intently looking at the camera; a little boy hitting a post while playing a ball; a beautiful lady getting engulfed by waves as she poses and smiles; a grandmother whose bag was taken by a dog while she’s busy talking with a friend, etc. Upon watching this, you will know for certain that these are things that can happen in our daily lives.

This video shows that regardless of age, gender and nationality, similar things can happen to anyone on any day, if we unintentionally get distracted by other things. Since the arrival of the latest crash avoidance support package, Toyota Safety Sense C has been equipped in the Vitz, a compact car used by many people, to provide safety to everyone. Toyota certainly wants people to feel the importance of safety assurance through this brand movie.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)