Toyota Mirai and hydrogen station

Toyota, Nissan, and Honda to sponsor 11 million yen for promotion and maintenance of hydrogen stations

Three automakers, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda agreed on the details that will support the infrastructure companies to accelerate the development of hydrogen stations.

The three companies will cooperate to support the government’s management of hydrogen stations. They will sponsor part of the expenses related to the management of hydrogen stations to the infrastructure companies entering the hydrogen supply business.
They will shoulder one-third of the expenses with an annual limit of 11 million yen per station. The aim is to encourage new companies to enter the hydrogen supply business.

Furthermore, in order to popularize fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), the three automakers will cooperate with the infrastructure companies to create a hydrogen-fueling society. They will work on improving awareness and promoting understanding about FCVs and hydrogen, targeting the general public, securing maintenance of accessible hydrogen stations, and improvement of customer service related to hydrogen stations.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)