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2015 Auto Service Show: Onodani equips a robotic and fully automatic wheel installation system for truck tires

They say that 90% of trucks manufactured are used for logistics, and the distance traveled by one truck in a year is equivalent to 100,000km. Therefore, it requires a more frequent change of tires than cars. I was able to witness the changing of truck tires at the Auto Service Show.

Onodani Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of maintenance equipments, specializing in tires, and they produce service lift equipment for car maintenance, tire changers, wheel balancers, and disposal services for discarded tires, etc. They conducted a demonstration on changing huge truck tires at the Onodani booth.

The rear part is normally equipped with double tires but this truck was equipped with super single tires, and the changing of these tires was really interesting. It required a little assistance from a tire lever so the huge tires can be freely assembled and removed from a wide rim. Nevertheless, it was a bewildering scene that made me think I was watching acrobatics.

On the side, the truck tire auto-changers worked mechanically. It certainly works like a robot.

With that system, the wheels are removed by being pushed from the opposite direction, and the same process is repeated again when assembling new tires. You push the rotation disk on the tire, and while rotating the tire and wheel, as the arm that presses the bead would extend, the tire automatically gets assembled on the wheel. Next to that booth, there was also a demo exclusively for low-height luxury car tires installation and uninstallation. The bead-pulling hook and sidewall-pushing block are unique mechanisms and they installed the tires without damaging the bead and sidewall.

As the evolution of tires continue and the wheels used in huge roads are also a matter of concern to many, the components in conducting change of tires have also been evolving. The newly-developed tire changing equipment provides a safe, pleasant yet reliable process of replacing huge truck and luxury car tires.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)