A scene at the talk session

Event by Lexus, in accordance with the Film Festival, held in Minami Aoyama

A public talk session was conducted by actor Tetsuya Bessho and star LiLiCo on June 6 at the Intersect by Lexus Tokyo, a promotional activity sponsored by Lexus in Minami, Aoyama, Tokyo.

This is supported by Lexus as an official sponsor of the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, in which Bessho serves as a representative.

At the Intersect by Lexus Tokyo, short films that were selected by Bessho with the theme “Stimulate the Senses” are screened from June 4 until 15, in accordance with the concurrent film festival.

Bessho and LiLiCo talked about their movies and experiences during the session on June 6. In addition, expectations on both their movie appearances and of the young directors were mentioned. With the same theme, a talk session with Jung Woo Sung will be held on June 8.

In addition, the Lexus Short Films, a project of Lexus creators, also announced the public recruitment of videographers beginning July, in cooperation with The Weinstein Company, an American independent film company.

Now, why is Lexus supporting SSFF & ASIA? “The film festival support is part of the branding activities,” explained Masahide Amano, the group head of Lexus International and Lexus brand management section J marketing division.

He says that they are seeking other forms or medium that stimulate the mind aside from their vehicles, although he says it’s “not a problem even if there is none, because it is not that essential.” Certainly, a branding or a luxurious feeling is not a need; a vehicle just has to move.

“Lexus is in the position to support undertakings that bring life. As we support the artists, we learned more about creativity. It’s that kind of relationship,” says Amano.

“The movies will produce an amazing world, a synthesis of ideas coming from technologies of the media. We want to create wonder and value that has not existed until now, by fusing imagination and excellent technologies for our vehicles.”

However, they are not only seeking for novelty. Underneath is the path of its branding for the future. “The expansion of Lexus in Japan took 10 years. It is still a young brand,” says Amano.

“I believe that we should create a view of the world that’s similar to that of a 21st century’s luxury brand,” he stated their goal. Nevertheless, it still requires an everyday study.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)