Toyota Motor Head Office (Reference image)

Toyota Motor considers installment of “Smart Device Link” manufactured by Ford

Toyota Motor announced their agreement with Livio, a subsidiary of Ford, concerning the installment of Smart Device Link (SDL) systems on their Lexus models from now on, on June 3.

Toyota and Ford had an agreement in making a cooperative industry concerning the standardization of telematics for safer, more reassuring, and highly convenient next generation cars. This SDL installment is a step in the advancement of that cooperative industry.

The SDL is an open source platform that can be used as an in-vehicle system smartphone application. The smartphone and car will be connected through the SDL, and through the voice recognition function and control panel display, you can operate a smartphone application in the car, and also browse information about entertainment and road conditions.

Further, if the smartphone application developers use the SDL, they can also develop numerous functional applications with the in-vehicle system, and soon enough, they would be able to offer more applications to the smartphone users.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)