Suzuki E08A diesel engine

Suzuki develops 2-cylinder 0.8-liter diesel engine to be introduced to the Indian market

Suzuki Motor Corporation develops the E08A diesel engine for compact vehicles equipped with lightweight and compact two-cylinder 0.8 liter engines. Maruti Suzuki India will mount it on the Celerio compact model and will release it in the Indian market.

Suzuki has equipped 1.3 to 2-liter diesel engines mainly on overseas models through supplies from other companies and license production. However, the two-cylinder 0.8-liter E08A diesel engine is exclusively developed by Suzuki, in order to respond to the demands of the diesel engine specification of the Indian Market.

The engine uses aluminum on its cylinder block. It achieved a light weight by equipping a turbocharger and a fuel supply suitable for a compact two-cylinder engine. The high torque at low speed range and the fuel economy performance are made compatible by incorporating a low compression ratio and a large intercooler. In addition, the low-frequency vibration of the two-cylinder diesel engine was reduced by optimizing the flywheel.

When it was mounted on the Celerio, they optimized the engine installation, the body rigidity, and added a noise-absorbing material. The low-frequency vibration and combustion noise were then reduced and overall comfort was enhanced. Furthermore, the Celerio which is equipped with this engine achieved 27.62km/liter (based on India’s measurement standards), the highest fuel efficiency in India.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)