Mitsuoka Motors' UK showroom

Mitsuoka expands into Europe with release of Himiko in UK

On June 1, Mitsuoka announced that it was opening its first European dealership in the UK and that it would begin sales of the current Himiko, the Mitsuoka Roadster.

Sales will be made to the UK and Ireland market through an exclusive contract with T W White & Sons, which will sell cars at its dealerships in Surrey, South London and Kent.

The advance into the UK market, which is one of the world’s most advanced for automobiles, is a major turning point for Mitsuoka, which expects to find new overseas opportunities for expanding its sales.

The Himiko model Mitsuoka plans to introduce to the UK market was released in Japan in December 2008 and continues to be the current model there. It’s a 2-seater convertible designed with a 1930s motif with its long nose and short deck. For the UK, the company is offering a manual transmission option which isn’t available in Japan.

This Himiko was developed with the tastes of European and American countries in mind. In recent years, Mitsuoka gathered reports from overseas dealerships and the decision to release it abroad came from forecasts based on these reports that demand was high, particularly in Europe. From last years, preparations have been progressing for the overseas expansion.

The Himiko costs 53,800 pounds (about 10,220,000 yen) and it goes on sale at the beginning of June. The yearly sales goal is 24 units.

(Translated by Greg Scott)