Fuji Heavy Industries Ebisu Subaru building headquarters

Fuji Heavy Industries’ 2014 recycling efforts in the black by 363M

Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) officially announced the results of its recycling efforts for the 2014 year (April 2014 to March 2015) in accordance with car recycling standards.

For 2014, it reported 287,280 vehicles, or 30,041 tons, of shredder residue (ASR), 29,263 tons of which was recycled. This means that 97.4% was recycled, which meets it more than achieved the standard set for 2015 of 70%.

For airbags, it recycled a total of 351,483 airbags from 134,464 vehicles. Of the total 27,059kg of recyclable material, it recycled 25,451. This is a 94.1% recycling rate, which more than reaches the 85% standard. It achieved reasonable results for Freon, recycling 42,177kg from 158,697 vehicles.

Recycling cost the company 1,497,650,000 yen. With the sum total of funding totaling 1,861,380,000 yen, entire income and expenditures were in the black by 363,730,000

(Translated by Greg Scott)