AutoExe Sports Induction Box

AutoExe releases Sports Induction Boxes for Mazda2 and CX-3

AutoExe is expanding the models that will have its Sports Induction Box and it will be sold at Mazda dealerships, major car parts dealerships and stores that carry AutoExe goods all over Japan.

Using a car’s air filter box, the Sports Induction Box improves air intake efficiency. It is an open filter that uses only the sound deadening resonator which causes air intake resistance and the case area of the cleaner’s intake side. It brings fresh air directly into the box for better air intake efficiency. The sound it makes also adds to the sporty feel.

The Sports Induction Box consists of an aluminum plate that prevents heat generation from the engine, a funnel-type FRP frame, and a K&N air filter. There is also a version without the air filter that uses the car’s regular filter.

AutoExe has expanded its lineup with boxes for the clean diesel versions of the Mazda2 (DJ5FS) and CX-3 (DK5FW).

The price is 33,000 yen for the version with the K&N air filter and 26,000 for the filter-less version.

(Translated by Greg Scott)