Toyota Mirai released by MIRAIT Technology

MIRAIT Technology introduces Mirai fuel cell vehicle

MIRAIT Holdings Corporation announced that the group’s MIRAIT Technologies Corporation has introduced the Mirai, Toyota Motor Corporation’s fuel cell vehicle. In addition, they put the delivery system into effect on May 27.

The current production volume of the Mirai is three units daily; the total number of vehicles rolled out by the end of April was 140 units. This is a first for the Kansai-based company, which is normally associated with the communication industry.

MIRAIT Technologies intensified their efforts that would lead to the conservation of the world’s environment through things such as the construction and maintenance of solar power generating equipment, electric vehicle charging equipment, and an energy supervision system. This time, a fuel cell vehicle was introduced as part of these efforts.

In the future, they plan to proactively expand their CSR activities that make use of fuel cell vehicles.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)