Top Secret's HA System

Top Secret develops height adjustable system for Nissan GT-R

Top Secret tuning shop has commenced sales of their HA System for height adjustment of the Nissan GT-R (all models) from the interior.

Due to the GT-R’s low ground clearance, the body especially the front diffuser can graze the surface depending on the road conditions. As a result, Top Secret developed the HA System which allows drivers to control the vehicle height from within the car through a single switch depending on the driving and road conditions.

By using high-intensity oil pressure cylinder, the HA System not only raises the height of the vehicle but allows sporty rides while elevated offering durability, rigidity, and dependability. This system has apparently undergone testing by a professional driver at Fuji Speedway as well.

The HA System is compatible on all GT-R models with standard suspension or DampTronic height adjustable kit. The price is 1,080,000 yen.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)