Racing car for the Nissan Micra Cup

Nissan Micra Cup to launch its inaugural season

On May 15, Nissan Canada announced that its opening race for the Nissan Micra Cup, an exclusive race involving Nissan Micras (the March, in Japan) will be held on May 22.

The Nissan Micra Cup is known as Canada’s most affordable racing series to compete in. With a base price of $9,998 CDN (approx. 980,000 yen), the Nissan Micra is the most affordable vehicle in Canada. In collaboration with JD Motorsport Organization, Nissan Canada will aim to establish a racing series that welcomes inexperienced drivers.

The racing cars for the Micra Cup are based on the 1.6S 5-speed manual transmission model equipped with a 1.6-liter inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine. These vehicles satisfy the minimum requirements for race competition.

The cars are equipped with a NISMO S-Tune suspension kit and FIA (Federation Internationale De L’automobile) approved racing seats. In addition, it comes with five-point seat belts, a fire extinguisher, exclusive exhaust, high-performance brake pad, roll cage, and Pirelli tires.

On May 22, around 30 drivers will compete at the first ever race for the Micra Cup. Each race is 30 minutes long with a total of 12 races scheduled for 2015. Drivers from the Nissan GT Academy will also participate, adding to the excitement.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)