Isuzu Elf Hybrid compact truck

2015 Automotive Engineering Exposition: Isuzu introduces Elf Hybrid and its state-of-the-art technology

Isuzu is introducing its “Environmental and Safety Technology to Support Your Everyday Life” concept at the 2015 Automotive Engineering Exposition, which runs from May 20-22 at Pacifico Yokohama.

At the event, Isuzu is displaying its Elf Hybrid compact truck with a panel that explains its technology. The Elf Hybrid has an “EV mode” that drives using only the motor for a quieter drive. An expansion of its support area for the Smart Glide + e natural energy driving option makes its hybrid operation easier for drivers to use.

In addition to displaying the 4JJ1-TCS Engine, a high-efficiency turbo engine for the whole speed range, the panel also introduces other state-of-the-art technological features the Elf is equipped with like Econo Mode and ecostop.

(Translated by Greg Scott)