DAMD releases redesigned Subaru WRX S4/STI body kit

DAMD Inc. has commenced sales of their DAMD WRX S4/STI body kit, which comes equipped on the DAMD MOTUL ED WRX STI currently competing in the 2015 season of the Super Taikyu.

This season, DAMD became an official sponsor for the TOWA INTEC Racing team in the ST-2 class of Super Taikyu, and is in charge of designing and manufacturing aero parts for their racing cars.

The DAMD WRX S4/STI has been redesigned to conform to vehicle inspections for street use. It’s a new body kit that combines elegant styling with a powerful rectifying effect as evidenced in actual races.

As for the prices (excluding tax), the front bumper is priced at 89,000 yen, the front under spoiler at 38,000 yen, the side skirt extension at 42,000 yen, the rear bumper at 92,000 yen, and the rear bumper extension at 28,000 yen. All of these parts come with uncoated surfaces.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)