Toyota's President Akio Toyoda

Toyota welcomes 1,500 new employees to “build better cars” for the future

April 1 was a day of entrance ceremonies for new employees at automakers in Japan. Toyota Motor Corporation held their ceremony at its headquarters in Toyoda, Aichi where 1,504 new employees were in attendance.

The new recruits comprised of 123 people in administration, 517 in engineering, 46 in clerical, 758 in technical fields, and 60 in health services. The total number of new staff increased by 248 compared to the previous year. Due to the retirement of baby boomers and a possible increase to production, 209 additional workers were hired for the technical field.

In welcoming the newest members to Toyota, President Akio Toyoda said, “Your mission is to create a new history for Toyota by building better cars than your predecessors and to realize our dream of benefitting society.” He also added, “In order to build better cars, we have to dedicate ourselves to putting the customers first by observing the actual products on-site.”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)