Toyota President Akio Toyoda (reference image)

Toyota announces initiatives for “manufacturing better cars”, aims for sustainable growth

On March 26, Toyota Motor Corporation announced their initiatives for ‘manufacturing a better cars’, aiming for sustainable growth.

As the environment surrounding management is rapidly changing, Toyota is also working on activities to review all aspects of car manufacturing as they expect that a sustainable growth is not possible with the same work method and mind-set as before.

The core of their initiative is building plants with product development and competitiveness based on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), and to strengthen human resources to support that.

According to Toyota’s announcement, they will revamp the powertrain and platform by utilizing the TNGA and rapidly improve the basic performance and product competitiveness of vehicles with integral new developments. In addition, the grouping development will advance the smart sharing of parts and units. They will be re-investing on strengthening the prior art development and product competitiveness, including the acquired resources, by promoting further cooperation between suppliers and cost reduction.

In addition, in the production area, they will try to temporarily stop the construction of new plants and promote initiatives for the maximizing of the effective use of the abilities of existing plants. Moreover, they will promote the reduction of capital expenditures during vehicle replacement. Furthermore, they are thoroughy working on ‘manufacturing a better car’ that has further competitiveness. They seek to accomplish this through their further efforts for causes such as the environment and safety, and the development of innovative investment.

Futhermore, they are also proactively promoting initiatives regarding production technology development to make a more conventional operability possible for the design and initiatives surrounding the ‘manufacturing of a better car’. At the same time, preparations for the new stage for the ‘sustainable growth’ have also steadily progressed. For example, they are now further promoting their initiatives for human resource development.

President Akio Toyoda said, “We want 2015 to be a year where we will advance steadily and boldly towards the sustainable growth based on the past initiatives by introducing a new model, that use the TNGA platform, to the market. Under the new management system that was announced by March of this year, it is important to improve true competitiveness including human resource development. We want to become a company that grows continuously just like how living things also grow.”

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)