Honda HEH55 Turning Over Ceremony (March 16)

Honda launches V2H charger in Saitama’s elementary school as a model case

With the cooperation of Ohta Elementary School of Saitama City, Honda set up and conducted a turning over ceremony on March 16 for the V2H-corresponding DC standard charger “HEH55” in the said school. The charge will supply electric power to houses to even fuel-cell vehicles and electric vehicles.

Toshihiro Mibe, operating officer of Honda explained that, “The HEH55 can control and effectively manage various energy generators such as electric mobility and solar power. As a result, through the renewable energy in Saitama City, they can also generate hydrogen. Through that hydrogen, they can use the zero-emission fuel-cell vehicle as the official vehicle for everyday use; and in times of emergency, that fuel-cell vehicle can rush to Ohta Elementary School as a disaster prevention instrument, thus it can serve as a storage battery extension for the school, making it possible to charge from the car.”

Moreover, he mentioned, “I hope that this model case in Saitama City and Ohta Elementary School will successfully expand throughout Japan and the rest of the whole world.”

Currently, there are 160 municipal elementary and middle schools in Saitama City that are exerting efforts into the installation of solar panels and storage batteries. According to Vice Mayor Kazuyoshi Honma, aside from letting the children become interested and concerned about solar power, their other aim is to use it as an emergency power supply in the gymnasium where they can gather for an evacuation in times of disaster.

Ohta Elementary School is installed with a 15.6kWh storage battery, and from the fuel-cell vehicle FCX Clarity which is used as an official car in Saitama City, they can extend the recharging for the power supply by up to four times through the external power supply inverter as well as the HEH55. It takes six to seven hours for it to be charged completely.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)