North American version of the Honda Accord

American Honda recalls Accord & CR-V due to engine malfunction

On March 9, American Honda announced that it will conduct a recall (repaired free-of-charge) for their Accord and CR-V.

This recall is due to a defect to its inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine. According to American Honda, the connecting rod may not have been installed properly, and this could damage and/or shut down the engine if the screws were to loosen.

The recall applies to a total of 137 units of 2014-2015 models that were sold in the US.

American Honda will be contacting the owners of these vehicles. The affected vehicles will undergo inspections at Honda’s dealerships and the engine block will be replaced if necessary.

American Honda has stated that no accidents or injuries have been caused as a result of this defect.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)