Implementation diagram of the "Generate, Use and Get Connected" concept

Honda installs V2H-compatible DC charger in a Saitama elementary school

Honda launched the Honda Power Manager (HEH55), a V2H-compatible DC charger, in January 2015. In cooperation with Saitama City, Honda installed the said charger in Ota Elementary School.

With the introduction of the HEH55, fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) used by officials can be recharged. In emergency situations, this can be used to recharge storage batteries of disaster-prevention facilities. This is the first time that the “Generate, Use and Get Connected” concept, Honda’s initiative for the hydrogen energy society, has been implemented.

Honda installed a compact Smart Hydrogen Station, which is equipped with Honda’s original high-pressure water electrolysis system to produce hydrogen, at Saitama City’s Eastern Area Environmental Center in September 2014. With the introduction of the HEH55, the “Generate, Use and Get Connected” concept is expected to contribute in fostering tough and smart communities during calamities, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)