Honda N-series reaches the 1 million-unit mark

Honda N-series reaches the 1 million-unit mark in sales in its 38th month

On March 6, Honda announced that its total sales of the N-series mini cars have exceeded one million units as of the end of last month. This milestone was achieved in its 38th month since the N-BOX, the first N-series model, was released back in December 2011.

The N-series offers a variety of utility thanks to its spacious interior and highly efficient packaging featuring Honda’s exclusive center tank layout. It has also gained a lot of support for its enhanced safety and comfort, as well as the powerful ride generated by its new engine and CVT.

The current N-series lineup consists of five models including the N-BOX, N-BOX+, N-One, N-WGN, and the N-BOX Slash.

By the end of last month, the N-BOX series (N-BOX, N-BOX+, and N-BOX Slash) had sold 667,805 units, while the N-ONE and N-WGN sold 165,404 units and 180,354 units, respectively.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)