Mazda president Masamichi Kogai

Consumer Reports ranks Mazda 2nd place in car brands

About US magazine Consumer Reports ranking Mazda 2nd place in overall auto brand listing, Mazda president Masamichi Kogai said on February 27, “This is the voice of our customers and we are extremely happy to hear it.”

The same day, he answered questions at a press conference for the CX-3. Mazda’s ranking made a huge leap from 6th place in 2014, putting it right behind Toyota’s Lexus brand, which has held the top position for three straight years.

Mr. Kogai says it shows that the Mazda brand is known for the quality of its brand and its service. However, he indicated that there’s stiff competition for Mazda in the United States over incentives. He says the company hopes to take up the challenge by attaching importance to brand and controlling fleet sales, which are connected with excessive price reductions and price collapse due to future used car sales.

(Translated by Greg Scott)