People who came to scrutinize the Toyota Mirai came one after another

2015 World Smart Energy Week: The most popular Mirai, surrounded by people

The 2015 World Smart Energy Week kicked off on February 25 at the Tokyo Big Sight. A total of 1,580 exhibitors from all over the world participated in the event. Many people crowded the venue. The Toyota Mirai, launched in December 2014, was remarkably popular among the exhibits.

Many people came to the Research Association of Hydrogen Supply/Utilization Technology (HySUT) booth where the Mirai was exhibited. Hence, throngs of people were always present around the Mirai. The HySUT, established in 2009, is composed of 19 energy-related companies and automakers aiming to popularize fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). This year’s exhibit features the Mirai.

Many people came to the event just to see the Mirai. In fact, I even heard some people say from the entrance that they will go and see the Mirai first. Most of the people who came took photos of the car, and those who wanted to scrutinize it came one after another.

Furthermore, HySUT prepared five units for people to test drive: three units of the Toyota Mirai, the Honda FCX Clarity, and the Nissan X-Trail FCV. Many wanted to test drive Mirai; the slots were filled as soon as the applications to test drive the car opened, surprising the HySUT staff. The exhibit will be held until February 27, and it’s likely that the popularity of the Mirai will remain unchanged.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)