White House Camping Car equipped with exclusive screen door and front rotating seat

2015 Camping Car Show: White House displayed developed window screen for Hiace

At the Japan Camping Car Show held in Makuhari Messe from February 13 until 16, White House Camper displayed the window screen for the Toyota Hiace, a vehicle developed by the company, and the front rotating seat, a pedestal that can rotate the front seats by 180 degrees. At the same time, the release of these products is planned to be in March.

The window screen for the Hiace can also be attached to all current models of the Hiace aside from the camping cars also managed by White House. White House’s own strategy has been reflected with the front rotating seat (supports the current Hiace model) that was developed and displayed.

Yujiro Sakai, the head of White House’s camper division, said, “Its interior can be created by any company. However, technical skills and knowledge on the front rotating seats and window screen is necessary for the Hiace. We will compete in the market by making something that other companies do not have.”

The Hiace is an indispensable model in the camping car industry. In this competition, it is important what to see value is put or how these are differentiated from other company’s products.

Sakai said, “The Hiace itself is a good vehicle. However, it will end up being known as ‘just a Hiace’ if it is not displayed with something unique.

He added, “The screen door that we developed can be used in cars other than camping cars; there is a possibility that it will spread towards all passenger Hiace. The front rotation seat contributes to the effective use of the vehicle space rather than just for mere rotations.
It is important how much it will progress since there is only one model of the Hiace.” (Sakai).

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)