e-NV200 barbecue car displayed by Nissan

2015 Camping Car Show: Nissan EV Barbecue car is Osamu Suzuki’s idea

Nissan Motor Corporation displayed the e-NV200 that stood out at the Japan Camping Car Show 2015 held in Makuhari Messe. Actually, this vehicle was a concept of Osamu Suzuki, a broadcast writer.

Suzuki served as an editor-in-chief of the social media Nicchan project that was started in 2012 by Nissan. He has been giving Nissan various advice since. On another note, Suzuki uses the Elgrand as his vehicle of choice. Moreover, a special car was modified in collaboration with Nissan in order for Suzuki’s own ease of use.

“This barbecue car is the second vehicle created by Suzuki’s idea. We learned its form and we, the staff expanded the idea and completed it. Literally, its is a vehicle for making barbecue and it is equipped with a garbage disposal machine. It is also a vehicle friendly to the environment.” says the company official.

The reaction of the visitors were great and there were many people who took photos that made the Nissan officials happy. Hereafter, Osamu Suzuki might become famous as differently as ‘OSAMU SUZUKI’ of the vehicle world.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)