Mystic Planning pickup cabin for Toyota Land Cruiser 70 (2015 Camping Car Show)

2015 Camping Car Show: Toyota Land Cruiser 70 uses loading platform

Mystic Planning, a camping car production company in Yamanashi, displayed the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Pickup camping car at the 2015 Japan Camping Car Show being held in Makuhari Messe, Chiba on February 13.

This camping car has a pick-up cabin system where a unit is loaded in the loading platform. A jack is mounted on the unit, used to connect or freely disconnect the vehicle with the unit.

Mystic Planning is a manufacturer that has been working on camping cars for many years, specializing in pickup cabins (truck cabins) . Managing Executive Officer Takara Ashizawa said, “A truck cabin is a major existence in America. So far, we have been producing truck cabins for American vehicles and kei-cars. However, this time, we focused on the release of the Land Cruiser 70 Pickup and produced a specific truck cabin for it.

Even more, this unit matches the width of the Land Cruiser 70 pickup and is made with 1670mm total width. As or the power source of the unit, the vehicle will not go out of power even for long-time use because it draws its power source from the built-in battery. The battery is also connected to the Land Cruiser 70; this means it is possible to charge the battery of the unit while driving.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)